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Who might benefit

Our Care Farm caters for anyone who would like to spend time with our animals or participating in activities around the farm and nature areas individually or in a small group. You will find that this will help to improve well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem.  You can enjoy new and different experiences in a safe and secure place where help and support is on hand. A few hours working in the allotment tending to the vegetables, or time spent mucking out the animals, or using basic tools and equipment to help to fix or make something will provide opportunities to help you to build confidence and feel fulfilled. You will also have the satisfaction that you are helping to create an environment that will help others.

The team here at Corn Close Care Farm have a wealth of experience in working with and supporting a wide range of individuals. We welcome visitors of all ages and abilities. Our approach is to minimise stress and to work with individuals at their own pace, developing confidence through fun and exciting activities which are mainly ‘hands on' and practical. No-one is forced to do anything that they don’t want to, but everyone will be encouraged to try new experiences and push their own boundaries albeit in a steady and incremental way, to suit the individual. 

We can work with individuals or with organisations for any length of time, from half an hour to a full day, and we will do our best to meet your needs so that you, or your service users,  can enjoy the benefits of spending time at Corn Close Care Farm.

After a session, or series of sessions at the Farm, we believe that our visitors will feel more relaxed and confident having participated in the activities and opportunities that we offer. They will  take away skills and experiences that can be transferred to their own lives and situations,  leading to more resilience in coping with everyday stresses and challenges that they may encounter.

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