Meet The Team

IMG-20190825-WA0003 Vanessa.jpg


Hi. We are some of the lovely volunteers who will help you when you visit Corn Close Care Farm.

IMG-20210318-WA0006 Kate and Jess.jpg

 Kate and Jess

Hi. We are Kate and Jess. We enjoy welcoming visitors to Corn Close Care Farm and we would love to play ball with you.



Hi. I’m Molly and I am very calm and gentle. I am good at helping people to get more confident with horses.



Hi. I am Cath. I am looking forward to being able to introduce you to all of our lovely animals and share all the great things that are going on at Corn Close with you.



Hi. I’m Tim and I can help you to learn how to make things out of wood and how to grow things in the allotment.

SP gator snow.jpg


Hi, I’m Stephen and I can help you to learn about farming and how to look after the farm animals.

Stella and Nina - meet us.jpg

Stella and Nina 

Hi. We are Stella and Nina. We are great friends and we can help you to feel more relaxed when you groom and pet us.


Gina, Ginny and Arthur

Hi. We're Gina, Ginny and Arthur.

Gina and Arthur really enjoy being groomed and going for walks with you in the beautiful Nidderdale countryside. Ginny loves to observe and come for a cuddle.



Hi. I’m Blossom and I am a very experienced pony. I can show you the ropes when you are learning how to work with horses and ponies.



Hi. I am Gavin. I am a really friendly goat and love to be stroked and to have my long coat brushed.

Catherine and May.jpg

Catherine and May

Hi. We're Catherine and May. Catherine loves being groomed and will stand and let you stroke her for ages. May enjoys a snack and is learning to go for walks.



Hi.  I'm Ozzie and I love meeting people and making new friends – especially if they come with food!

Dave at school.jpg


Hi. I’m Dave. I am a really laid back sheep and I love a back scratch.

Tina and Cher - meet ud.jpg

Cher and Tina Turner

Hi. We are Cher and Tina Turner. We are really friendly pigs and we love a back scratch – and food!



Hi. We are some of the Corn Close hens. You can collect our eggs and some of us enjoy a cuddle, too.

Derek pinky steve meet us.jpg

Steve, Derek and Pinky

Hi, we're Steve, Derek and Pinky, we love to go on walks with you and enjoy a good snack! 



Hi. I am Flip. I love to come and see what you are doing when you are doing Blossom's bed. I also love a cuddle and some treats! 



Hi, I am Jill, I love to have a good brush and enjoy a snack! I also like to go for a walk with Gavin! 


Salt, Pepper, Chilli, Nutmeg, Cinnamon 
and Ginger

Hi. We're the guinea pigs, come and give us a cuddle and a brush and help make our bed clean and comfy!

Rabbit - meet us one.jpg

Cloud and Misty

Hi. We are Cloud and Misty. You can clean our house out and we sometimes give you a friendly lick!

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Nip and Mrs Wriggles

Hi. We are the Corn Close ferrets. You can watch us play and sometimes hold us - although we are very wriggly.