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"I can't recommend Corn Close Care Farm enough. My daughter started going for a couple of hours a week but has ended up doing 3 sessions a week because it's so good for her. It's given her a reason to get up on a morning after over 2 years at home. She looks forward to going and is sad if she has to miss it for any reason. All the staff are amazing and well experienced. This place is the best thing that's every happened to my daughter, it's been the making of her. She has a purpose in her life now and a second family at the farm. There aren't enough words to praise this place as much as it deserves."

"Such a calm and friendly place that my little girl literally adores, the animals are such therapy."

"I love waking up and knowing I am coming to the farm. I love doing the jobs with the animals and spending time with them. I always leave with a smile on my face."

"Corn Close Care Farm has had such a positive effect on my sons confidence, self esteem and mental health. He has gone from being initially very quiet, anxious and withdrawn to now being confident, calmer, happier and his mental health and well being has improved so much. He has benefited enormously from spending time at the farm, he has learnt new skills, gained knowledge about the animals and how to care for them, developed really positive relationships but more importantly, thoroughly enjoys every minute he spends at the farm and cannot wait until his next session. Cath and her team are amazing, the support, care and understanding they give is outstanding."

“My teenage daughter struggled with her mental health and extreme anxiety during lockdown. I asked for advice from Mrs Wilson as she is so knowledgeable and experienced in this area.”

“For the past couple of years my 11 year old daughter has been coming to Corn Close on a regular basis. She looks after and rides the horses and tends to the goats and sheep. My daughter has benefitted so much from the close contact with the animals and having a friendly face (Catherine Wilson) explaining the process and a relaxing environment in which to work.”

“On a recent visit to North Yorkshire we were able to visit this fantastic farm. As a teacher I can see the huge benefits that this farm can offer to children of all ages and abilities.”

“There are already lots of children who "pop up and visit" and the benefit of spending time with animals and in a natural setting to these vulnerable children and adults is clear.”

“I visited the small holding with my daughter who had severe learning difficulties. It was a very positive experience. The owners went out of their way to introduce all the animals to my daughter and were able to reassure her when she felt unsure.”

“Educational psychologists (informed by neurological research) advise that children and adults who are suffering from mental health find it extremely difficult to reintegrate back into school without therapeutic intervention away from academic pressure. I have met and worked with several children who have greatly benefitted from Cath and Tim's smallholding.”

“My daughter has been fortunate to spend time on this farm over the past few years and has received education and hands on experience.” 

“Both Mr and Mrs Wilson have extensive experience and knowledge of education, plus extremely kind and caring personalities”

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