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Fun time!

Hey! This is fun! The lambs that were born last week are now growing and getting more confident. Some have already been moved to the field with their mums where they have more space to play.

Meanwhile, Kate our not-so-little puppy is taking a nap and is monopolising the sofa after a very busy day on the farm. It's a hard life being a dog!

Copy cat!

The birds have started to build their nests around the farm. A Tree Creeper has started to make its home in a crack in this old tree trunk. Unfortunately, this little bird has been far too quick for us to get a photo of it, so far!

To help supply some nest building materials around the farm for the birds to use, we have recycled some empty plastic milk cartons and stuffed them full of sheep's wool. The wool has been cut into 10cm lengths which is ideal for nest building. The birds can fly down and grab some wool to take back to their nesting site. This is a good material for insulating their nest.

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