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Down on t' farm

Our Grey Faced Dartmoor sheep are now snug in the new livestock building and getting ready to lamb. This is a very busy time for us at the farm. We have to keep checking on them to ensure that everything is ok and they have enough straw, hay and water.

We are still waiting for Gina to give birth. Last year she produced two lovely kids. We are not sure how many she will have this year.

Spring is on it's way and our bug hotels are being re-sited around the farm. We are hoping that the solitary bees will return along with other insects.

Work in the orchards has begun and the fruit trees are waking up and have been mulched. We are looking forward to our visitors helping to maintain and look after them.

The pond is filling up and attracting more wildlife.

Lambing has started! This little fella was born on Monday - the first lamb at Corn Close this year. Unfortunately, he was born about 10 days early and it was touch and go for the first 24 hours. He spent his first night in front of the fire with Stephen sleeping on his sofa and feeding him every hour.

Fortunately, this did the trick, and the lamb is now back with his mum, skipping about in the pen.

Look at him now! After an anxious time watching this little fella slowly improve and start to grow stronger with his mum looking after him, the ewe in the next pen delivered three beautiful and healthy lambs.

They just keep coming! These triplets seem to have made a den in their mum's feed bucket. Their mum only has one functioning teat to give them her milk, so we are having to help out by bottle feeding to keep the lambs strong and healthy.

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